Web design
The process of creating a website requires input from many individuals, including design and usability experts. Whilst the marketing focus is of key importance, the site has to be both attractive and simple to use, and accurately reflect your business in order to succeed. Many web design companies will produce a website that has function, but is aesthetically weak. Others will produce the most beautiful site imaginable but will miss your marketing message, and create a website that is not relevant.

Here at Studionet we value all elements of the web design process equally, from paying homage to your business and your principles, to capturing your marketing message and design requirements – we convey it all in a website that has both form and function.

As well as the site looking aesthetically pleasing, it has to be usable. The navigation has to be straightforward, active elements such as
e-commerce checkouts have to be easy to use and the site has to load quickly. At Studionet we ensure that every website is created with usability in mind, and thoroughly tested by an actual person before we make it live. So many other web design agencies will create a website that might look the part, but from a user’s perspective is awkward or clumsy to use. When you ask Studionet to create your site, you can be sure that you will receive a website that can easily be used by all your web visitors, and will look and feel like the professional website you were expecting.
Studionet and you
Developing a new website and marketing strategy can be a daunting task. At Studionet we work with you to combine our knowledge of the web and online marketing and your knowledge and experience of your company to produce a cohesive web strategy that works and delivers the results you need.

We believe in the personal touch, so every new client that we take on is assigned a dedicated point of contact that remains with you throughout the duration of your project. It’s always reassuring to know that when you have an idea or a concern, your personal account manager is available and ready to help with advice or direction.

It’s the little things that set us apart; for example we never use cheesy stock images in our website. You’ll never see the girl wearing a telephone headset or the two businessmen shaking hands – all of our digital imagery is sourced from professional image repositories or created by us, from scratch.

All of our websites are fully compliant with web standards, and we ensure that they render correctly in all the major browsers (including IE 6/7/8, Firefox 2/3, Opera 9 and Safari 4). We always use modern design techniques to layout your site, so it will fit in most browser screens and the content will be accessible to screen readers.

It’s only when you ask questions of your web design company do you get to really know if they are up to the job. At Studionet, we are confident that we can match and in most cases surpass the quality of other web design agencies. Why not get in touch to see if we’re the right web design company for you?