Search marketing
Promoting your website is arguably the most important factor to online business success. It is vitally important that your website can be found in the top search engines if you are to receive sufficient web visitor numbers. Achieving a high search ranking is not a simple task, but by choosing the right web design company you will stand a much higher chance of your search marketing strategy paying off.

Studionet utilise the latest SEO techniques when building websites to ensure your website is as “SEO friendly” as possible. Having us professionally manage your search strategy will ensure your site contains highly relevant content, and that it will continue to climb the search engines. Ultimately, your site will be located and frequented by your target market, converting web traffic into real business prospects.
Every business has long-term and short-term goals, which your website should reflect. Depending on your products & services, your needs may be better suited to natural search or pay-per-click (PPC).

Natural search is a long-term solution to being found on search engines whereby your site’s content, relevance and size (amongst other things) is “rated”, and directly affects your position in the search listings. Obtaining a high search position through natural search is time-consuming, but the effects are long lasting so any effort you make in boosting your rankings becomes an investment.

Alternatively, if you need your site to appear on the first page(s) of a search engine quickly and with minimal time investment, PPC is a service you should consider. You can shortcut the natural search process by subscribing to a PPC service, whereby your website will appear as a “sponsored link” for a given number of keywords on a search result page. Whenever a user clicks a link to your site, you pay the search provider (e.g. Google) a fee. Although this is a simple way to get traffic onto your site, it is relatively short-term and can be expensive, specifically if you operate in a market with many competitors.

Whatever form of search marketing you think may be suitable, here at Studionet we are always happy to offer advice on search marketing. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.