Your digital store
If your website is to be more than a marketing tool, you will want to be able to sell products & services directly on your site. Being able to sell directly on the internet is a goal that every business should strive to achieve, as it gives you the ability to sell round-the-clock, without paying for expensive salespeople.

For some businesses, the single biggest sales channel is their e-commerce website. If you think that your business is suited to selling directly on the web, you have a real opportunity to increase your sales.

Whatever your line of business, Studionet will ensure that your website will give your customers the confidence they need to purchase from your digital store, time and again.
Return on investment
When you are looking to have an e-commerce website created, you will want maximum return on investment. Here at Studionet, ROI is part of our core offering. We will utilise the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your e-commerce site is a successful addition to your sales force.

Every time you recruit a salesperson, you have to pay the recruitment agency fees and equipment costs before they have made a single sale. There are also the recurring costs such as salary, expenses and overheads that each salesperson costs you on a monthly basis. Compare to that an e-commerce website, which will make sales at any time of the day to multiple clients at the same time and with negligible recurring fees, and it is obvious why so many businesses are embracing the web as a direct sales tool.

Unlike many web design companies, we go to great lengths to ensure that your website is “SEO friendly” so that your online store has the greatest possible chance of being found by search engines. Coupled with our excellent design skills and user-friendly interfaces, visitors will find your site and have the confidence they need to make purchases.