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Client: Rushby Brewster
Rushby Brewster Associates Ltd. are a firm of consulting civil and structural engineers based in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire. Although the company was established over ten years ago, it had never had a website or any form of online presence, and this needed to be rectified.

Consequently, the client approached Studionet with the aim of outsourcing the design and development of a new website.

Project brief
Rushby Brewster wished to establish a web presence in order to provide an online portfolio to prospective customers and provide them with a means of learning more about the company and the projects they have undertaken in the past.

The target audience for the site was to be individuals already familiar with civil and structural engineering, so effort did not need to be made in educating the “layman”. Instead, the emphasis of the site was to highlight to potential customers the benefits of choosing Rushby Brewster over their competitors and to illustrate the large number of successful past projects they had completed.

Particular detail was to be paid to the software tools the client had at their disposal, as well as the quality of the structural designs they produce.

Our approach
Having undertaken a marketing analysis exercise it was clear that the tone of the website had to be professional; this was to be accomplished using subtle designs and confident textual content. The primary objective of the site was to encourage visitors to make contact with the client, so a contact form and prominent contact details were a mandatory inclusion.

The client had provided digital imagery for a number of their construction projects, and it was obvious that a dynamic “portfolio” page would be the ideal way to demonstrate the best of these images to visitors and potential customers. In order to avoid having too many images on one page, it was decided that a thumbnail viewer coupled with a “slide gallery” would be most appropriate way of achieving this.

The result
Working with the client, Studionet delivered the new website on time and within budget. The layout and style of the website complements the professional nature of the client’s business, and the functionality present on the “portfolio” page is clear and simple to use.

As the site is fully XHTML / CSS compliant and utilises “SEO friendly” design techniques, it is expected that the site will rank highly in search engines.